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TMS Financial Assistance Program 


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Most of us don't even think about how the natural function of the brain and lungs works to coordinate the 12-16 breaths per minute that are normal for the average person. What would you do if you could not breath normal due to allergies or illness and did not have the means to pay for your medication?

Team Miranda Strong is proud to announce the “TMS Asthma & Respiratory Financial Assistance Program” for any adult or adolescent that needs financial help to obtain their prescriptions. We have partnered with two local pharmacies, Butterfield Pharmacy & Royal Care Pharmacy to fulfill this need in our community. In addition to financial help with the pharmacies, we are working toward a partnership with a local Primary Care Physician for those who do not have healthcare and need respiratory, asthma, or allergy care to get the prescriptions needed.

If you or someone you know needs these services, please get in touch with us so that we see if we can help them with their medications or EpiPens.

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